Tian Zhao

Dept. of EECS
EMS 1145
UW Milwaukee
3200 N Cramer St
Milwaukee, WI 53211
Ph: 414.229.5682
Fax: 414.229.2769
tzhao AT uwm DOT edu

I'm currently an Associate Professor at the Computer Science Department of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee .


CS 431 Programming language concepts
CS 251 Intermediate computer programming
CS 738Program analysis
CS 552Object-oriented programming
CS 536/361 Software engineering
CS 351 Data structures and algorithms
CS 201 Introductory computer programming
CS 657/790Software testing and quality assurance
CS 657/790Parallel programming
CS 535 Algorithm design and analysis


Research Interests

Programming Languages, Type Systems, Type Inference, Static Program Analysis, Object-Oriented Programming.

I am currently interested domain specific programming, program analysis, dynamic languages, and geospatial data semantics.


DeepDSL: a domain specific language for deep convolutional neural networks.

Arrows: an asynchronous programming library for JavaScript

Push-pull asynchronous streaming

GIS research