Zhao, Tian

Dept. of EECS
EMS 1145
UW Milwaukee
3200 N Cramer St
Milwaukee, WI 53211
Ph: 414.229.5682
Fax: 414.229.2769
tzhao AT uwm DOT edu

I'm currently an Associate Professor at the Computer Science Department of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee .


Fall 2013CS 790-04Program Analysis
Spring 06/Fall 07CS 657/790Software Testing and Quality Assurance
Spring 05/06/07/09CS 552Object-Oriented Programming
Fall 02/Fall 04CS 535 Data Structures and Algorithms
fall 2010, 2011CS 536 Software engineering
Spring 02 ~ presentCS 431 Programming Language Concepts
Spring 2009 CS 351 Intermediate Computer Programming
Spring 05, fall 2009 CS 251 Intermediate Computer Programming
Spring 04 CS 201 Introductory Computer Programming


Research Interests

Programming Languages, Type Systems, Type Inference, Static Program Analysis, Object-Oriented Programming. I am currently interested in memory management for real-time programs, aliasing control in object-oriented programs, and aspect-oriented programming.


DeepDSL: a domain specific language for deep convolutional neural networks.

Arrows: an asynchronous programming library for JavaScript

GIS research